My Hoop De Doo Revue Review

Some people might think that the Hoop De Doo Revue isn’t for kids, but I went there for Thanksgiving and it was HILARIOUS.

These are the performers and this is what we could see from our seats.

These are the performers and this is what we could see from our seats.

I do think it’s a great place but if you’re a picky eater like I am, it might be hard to eat there. The servers are all very nice and they do everything they can to get you food you like though. I got macaroni and cheese for dinner. I’m not a fan of strawberry shortcake because I don’t like strawberries, so our server brought me cookies. They’re not even on the menu! But if you’re not picky like me, it’s great food and a great show. There’s fried chicken, cornbread, mashed potatoes, beans, and strawberry shortcake.

We sat at the top floor and there were seats that spun around so you could watch the show from the balcony. The singers went around and asked people questions and made funny comments. The show was really good and I liked it.


This is me and my friend Dani watching the show.

You don’t want to get to the show too early because you can’t go inside. We were really early and had to wait in front for a long time and it was pretty boring for us kids.

I think kids will like the Hoop De Doo and families should try it.


2 thoughts on “My Hoop De Doo Revue Review

  1. We’ve never been to Hoop De Doo, but it’s on our list to try. Hope we can find something Alex will like to eat since he doesn’t like Mac n Cheese. He might be ok with the fried chicken though. Can’t wait to read more, Ben!

  2. Great review, Ben. Thinking of taking my g-kids there. One is not a picky eater but the one….well, we never know if he will even eat! Glad to hear the servers are tuned in to picky eaters and that they are willing to help. I’ve been to the show before and really enjoyed it. My husband is “hair-challenged” so they had a fun time with him. 😉 Thanks for the review, Ben.

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