Resort Review: Disney’s Beach Club


IMG_0888I think Beach Club is one of the best resorts at Disney. They have great restaurants there. The lobby is beautiful, especially at Christmas. The rooms are always great and the pool is the biggest and the most amazing one you will ever see at Disney.

Common Areas – The lobby and the shops are great because they’re always really pretty and the shop has lots of stuff you might need. The hotel has a big pin board for trading and during the holidays the lobby is amazing. The front desk staff was really nice when I asked to trade pins and they didn’t make me rush to pick.


This is a picture of the lobby that my mom took.

Restaurants – Beaches and Cream was great ice cream! I had a banana split with my mom after I got done swimming. They let us eat it outside at a table and I didn’t have to change my clothes. The restaurant was really busy but we didn’t have to wait if we wanted to get our ice cream from the to-go window. It was so good!

Cape May Cafe has really good food and will definitely keep you full. There was lots of stuff on the buffet that I like for breakfast but I don’t personally like seafood so we didn’t eat there for dinner. We didn’t have to wait a long time to sit down because we had reservations. The characters had special costumes that look like swimsuits and they were fun to see. They came around to our table and we got to see all of them, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. Donald even took the time to sign my Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card! IMG_0862

Room – The rooms at the Beach Club are always clean and the beds are pretty soft. The pullout couch where I slept was pretty comfortable and it was really easy to fold it up. The rooms are pretty big depending on what kind you get. The Vacation Club rooms have their own special building and it was really nice. It was kind of a long walk at night but we found a shortcut to the bus stop where we didn’t have to go through the hotel. The t.v.’s always have the Disney Channel, which is cool.

Pool – It is the BEST POOL EVER. They have a lazy river, a giant waterslide, and the bottoms of the pools are sand! It’s awesome! There are lots of chairs all around for parents to sit in, but just remember where you are because the pool is so big! There were tons of lifeguards and they were really nice. I asked where to find the lazy river and they answered my questions nicely. Usually lazy rivers are only two or three feet deep but this one goes up to eight feet! Not everyone can get into Stormalong Bay. You have to show them your room card to get a wristband to get in. I thought that was kinda cool because it made it like our private pool.


The waterslide is in a pirate ship and it goes over the sidewalk!

The waterslide is in a pirate ship and it goes over the sidewalk!

Resort – I think the resort area is pretty fun. You can walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Epcot is a pretty short walk but Hollywood Studios is definitely a long walk. You can ride a boat to both though, which is fun. The resort area is pretty at night and during the day but I like it at night because you can see all the lights around the Boardwalk and in the lighthouse. There are some good restaurants like Kouzzina, and the Boardwalk Bakery, and ESPN Cafe that you can walk to. My mom wouldn’t let me go to the candy shop, so I can’t tell you if it’s good or not.

This is what it looks like from the Beach Club

This is what it looks like from the Beach Club

I recommend that families stay at this resort because it’s fun for everybody and there are lots of things to do. It’s definitely my favorite.




3 thoughts on “Resort Review: Disney’s Beach Club

  1. I enjoyed your review. Great job! I hope to stay at the Beach Club one day. I know my kids would go crazy over the pool and the ice cream shop 🙂

  2. Beach Club is one of our family’s favorites as well. You can’t beat the pool and having Beaches ‘n’ Cream as well as Cape May right there! Can’t wait to stay there again in a week!

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