Splittsville at Downtown Disney

Splitsville is an upscale bowling alley and restaurant in Downtown Disney. It has 30 lanes of bowling, food, pool tables, and a shop. There are also places for adults to have drinks. I went to Splitsville this week and bowled. We didn’t eat there because we ate dinner at Raglan Road. I’ll get to that restaurant in another post. 



I wanted to try bowling at Splitsville because I thought it would be fun – I like bowling and I like things at Disney. When we got to the building we went in the front door and to a counter. We asked to bowl and we paid there. We had to buy socks because we didn’t have any with us. The price was twenty dollars per person for one hour plus six dollars each for socks. The total for one hour for me and my mom was almost sixty dollars! My friends decided to go somewhere else while we bowled because it was so expensive. We took an escalator upstairs and went to lane 14. There were tables for eating and seats at our lane. The lady who came upstairs with us told us we had an hour and five minutes to bowl. The extra five minutes was so we could get ready and get our shoes on. 



My mom and I bowled almost four games. We couldn’t finish the last game because the hour was up even though we only had one frame left! Bowling there was good because the lanes were nice and there was fun music playing. There were lots of different weights and sizes of bowling balls already on our lane for us. I definitely needed the bumpers because I’m not a really good bowler but my mom didn’t so we asked the lady at the desk upstairs and she set them so that they were up for me but not for my mom. There was even a helper ramp for small kids who couldn’t lift the ball. The family on the lane next to us used it and the little kid looked like he was having a good time. 



Overall, Splitsville was good, but I don’t think it was really worth the money. The employees were very nice and the building was clean and shiny, but I was sad that my friend didn’t come with us and I would rather go to Disney Quest or some other place that everyone could go together. 



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