Disney Infinity – A Dizkid Gamer Review

Disney Infinity is a video game for all of the newest game consoles like XBOX360, PS3, Wii, and WiiU. Disney says that Disney Infinity is, “an all-new gaming experience that gives players unprecedented freedom and endless opportunities to create stories starring beloved characters from Disney and Pixar’s most popular franchises.” I say that Disney Infinity is a game that lets you do almost anything with your favorite Disney characters.

I got Disney Infinity at Downtown Disney at an early release at Once Upon a Toy. We got there a few minutes before the store opened and we had to line up so that the store wouldn’t be crowded. We only waited about ten minutes. 



Once we got inside we went to another line to get the Starter Pack. The Starter Pack (we have an XBOX 360) includes the game, the “Infinity Base” that lets you change characters and worlds and power discs, and Jack Sparrow, Sulley, and Mr. Incredible. It also comes with a clear game piece that generates the 3 worlds: Monsters University, Metroville, and the Caribbean. The Starter Kit was $74.99 and we got a free game piece (Dash) because we bought it early. 





Starting the game was pretty easy – I hooked the base up myself. I put the disk in and turned the XBOX on and the game started with me as a ball of light. The narrator started talking and telling a story about imagination. The opening sequence was awesome and my ball of light grew and exploded out into creating a whole bunch of worlds. I saw Rapunzel, Captain Jack Sparrow, Monsters University, and a bunch of other environments. Then Sorcerer Mickey led me to the Toy Box, a place where you collect stuff to build your own race track and a bunch of other things as you play. Each time you go through a PlaySet, you get more things for your Toy Box. 


One of the scenes from the opening sequence.

I started by putting Mr. Incredible and the world drive on my base. This let me play as Mr. Incredible in Metroville. I learned that my character needed to complete missions. The game told me how to find out what my missions were and let me know which buttons to press. There were tips I could find in blue bubbles that look like the containers you get in vending machines, new Toy Box items in red bubbles, and costumes in green bubbles. There is an option in the game that lets you have an arrow with you to tell you where to go. I used the arrow a lot because it’s helpful.   

After I finished the Incredibles level, I went to Monsters University and Pirates of the Caribbean. The graphics look really good. There is defiinitely a lot of detail. When I was in the Toy Box with the Wreck It Ralph power disk (you can buy power disks separately for $4.99 for a pack of 2), it looked just like I was in Sugar Rush. The race track was even like Airhead Extreme candy! My characters in the game can do lots of stuff. Dash can run super fast and Sulley roars to break things apart. Characters can climb and run and jump and there’s lots of figuring out what to do. I was stuck on one problem in a mission for a pretty long time but I used other characters in the level to help me by “talking” to them. 


I would rather play this than other games because it’s not boring at all but it’s also not violent. You can do tons of stuff like build worlds, race cars, finish missions, and complete whole worlds. YOU CAN EVEN SUMMON A KRAKEN! I think the E10+ rating is good because there are guns and cannons and stuff in the game and the way your character dies sometimes can be kind of scary. The game can also be hard when you have to figure things out for missions. 

I’m definitely excited to see new playsets like Wreck It Ralph and Cars. Disney says that new characters like Anna and Elsa from the new movie Frozen (November), Rapunzel, Phineas and Ferb, Wreck It Ralph and Vanellope, will start coming out in October. There will also be a PC game and game for tablets like the iPad in October. Be sure to keep the cards that come in your playsets because they have codes to give you characters in these games. 


This is the starter pack online card. The code is on the back.


I think this game would be good for girls and boys once more of the girl characters come out. My mom was kind of sad because there weren’t any girl characters besides Violet Incredible and Mrs. Incredible, but there was a girl in line with us that really wanted Monsters, Inc. characters so I think it depends on the girl. This game would make a great gift for kids that aren’t like my friend and want to be outside all the time. It’s a really great game and I’m excited to keep playing. 

All trademarks and product names belong to the companies that made them. I’m just talking about their stuff here. Oh, and sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time. I’ve been kind of busy. Thanks for reading. -Ben



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