Eating with Ben – Raglan Road

Last night I went to Raglan Road to eat dinner. Raglan Road is in Downtown Disney at the beginning of Pleasure Island. It is an Irish Pub.

My mom and I went to Raglan at about 6:00 p.m. We didn’t have reservations. You don’t need them, but it’s better to try and get them if you have a big party. We actually sat at the counter where you can seat yourself. The restaurant is pretty decent sized and they’re getting ready to do an expansion. The lighting inside is neat and the ceiling has stained glass. There are lots of chairs and tables and a stage where dancers and a band do performances throughout the night. The Raglan Road website says the dancers start in the “early evening”. There are places that you can sit where you can’t see the main stage, but the dancers go to those rooms and do mini performances.

Raglan Road Main Stage and house band "Creel"

Raglan Road Main Stage and house band “Creel”

The food at Raglan Road is really good. I ate off of the kids’ menu and I had the “silly steak”. Kids meat is cooked medium well unless you ask to have it cooked another way. I like my steak rare, and our waiter was very nice about me sending the medium-well one back. When I got my new steak it was delicious. I also liked the mashed potatoes because they didn’t have skin in them and I didn’t have to add anything for them to taste good. My mom had chicken risotto. It’s kind of like rice and chicken with some arugula, which is a vegetable like spinach or something. I tried it and it was actually really good. The kids’ menu has things like steak, hamburger, seafood, shepherd’s pie, and macaroni and cheese. You can also get a kid size of the Raglan Risotto. The adult menu has lots of things  and you can find a copy of it here. My mom said it’s about the same price as most sit-down restaurants at Disney.

While we were eating dinner, the Raglan Road dancers started dancing. We also heard the band play some songs. I took some pictures and video.

Here’s me with one of the dancers. She was really nice. We didn’t have to bug her to get a picture with her. Our server asked her for us and she came right over after she was finished talking to a little girl.

Photo Sep 06, 7 22 28 PM

I think that Raglan Road is actually a great restaurant for families to go to have fun. Sometimes I see kids after they come out just skipping and dancing down the sidewalk. The food is great, the music and dancing is fun to watch and listen to, and the staff are very, very nice. It’s an awesome place to eat.


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